Hourly, Individual, One-on-one Tutoring

Tutoring per Hour & Initial Consultation – $150

All students should have an initial consultation so that we can see if we are good fit. If you have taken the time to talk with David or Phil and want to jump right into tutoring please feel free to buy a package.  All package sales are final; no refunds.

– Sessions purchased at full price do not expire and may be used at a later date or transferred to a family member (or friend with 3RPrep’s approval).


12 Tutoring Sessions for $1500 (New and Returning students)
New and returning students. If you are new, you save $250 (start-up fee is included). ** All package sales are final – NO REFUNDS ** By purchasing a package online you are agreeing to 3RPrep’s terms and conditions listed on our website, www.3RPrep.com
One (1) session at a time $150
Buy tutoring sessions one at a time. Sessions never expire, no refunds. By purchasing online you agree to 3RPrep’s “Terms and Conditions” and agree to comply with the “Tutoring Agreement.” To cancel an appointment and receive full credit, please cancel at least 4 days before an appointment.
Six sessions for $835
Six (6) one-on-one tutoring sessions for $835. 

Terms & Conditions: Welcome to 3RPrep Tutoring 17-18, Updated July, 2017.


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