A parent recently contacted me about her student’s test anxiety and disappointing scores through another tutor. Here is my answer:

It is good to hear from you again.  David Cerniglia and I have dealt with many anxious students.  But we are not experts in anxiety, we are experts in the content of standardized tests. We are skilled in teaching teenagers.
WHAT we teach is exactly what is tested, that is the science.
HOW we teach it is the art.
We are experts in teenagers and tests. We can easily describe our methods in the science. And for that, you will have to pay for an appointment and come into the office. Briefly, the 3RPRep method is based on the concepts of the test. We have students take practice tests and then tell us what they got wrong and why. We have spent years analyzing a bank of tests and know down to a fine detail exactly what is asked.
We cannot easily describe our teaching art. But we are great teachers & tutors.  I am blessed to have bumped into David at Crazy Mocha in Sewickley and doubly blessed that he partnered with me in forming 3RPrep. We make an incredible team. Our individual approach to students is based on our own personal desire to see each student reach their maximum potential. We both make connections with students – we try really hard. We listen.
David is more friendly and charming, I am more demanding and intense. Students have reacted well to us both. What I really love is when we team up to help a student. And we love to help each other reach a student. You should schedule your daughter with both of us and maybe she will connect more with one than the other. That is the beauty of an English & Math team, we really cover all the bases.
I am sorry that you invested time and resources into tutoring that did not give the results for which you were looking.  I know that we are able to help a willing student, our track record is stellar as is our reputation. And we are always willing to try.
Phillip McCaffrey

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