Will The Experts Make Up My Mind Already

The attached article is about how stressed our children are from school, AP courses, and SAT’s. It says kids work too hard. Hm, now wait a minute. Haven’t we heard for the last 20 years that American students have fallen behind their counterparts in other 1st world countries?

Which one is it? Do American kids work too hard or do they not work hard enough? The answer forthcoming in future posts.

Education Stress Article

MYTH: ACT Is More Popular Than The SAT

With all the changes to the SAT recently announced by The College Board there has been no shortage of press. Many articles boast that the ACT is a “more popular” test than the SAT. And that “more students have taken the ACT” the past two years.

While it is true that more students have taken the ACT, there is a reason. The ACT, based out of Des Moines, Iowa, has aggressively marketed itself as a state-wide exam that fulfills the requirements of No Child Left Behind testing. 13 states have hired the ACT to administer the test to ALL of the high school students in those states, many of who have no interest in college.

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