Five ACT/SAT Reading Tips


1.Do not read the entire passage
 Scan/Skim; Names, Dates, Locations, Proper Nouns, Quotations.
2. Go to the questions – read what you need for the question.
3. Global Questions – tone, main idea. skip do last
4. Answers: Phil: What & Where.  David: Where is Waldo
5. Wrong answer choices look really good. Focus on why an answer could be wrong.

Penn abandons policy requiring all test scores

PA should use the ACT instead of the Keystone

I think that the use of the Keystone high school exams is a waste of time.  Schools spend too much time in test prep to look good and students do not get anything out of it. Instead of the Keystone, I think PA should use the ACT. It tests virtually the same skills, but has the added advantage of killing two birds with one stone.  Both the state and its students could save millions by using the ACT.

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