One thing you MUST know about the new SAT!

The CollegeBoard is up to their old tricks. Even after a complete restructure of the SAT, they are still including “experimental” test questions (which they now call “pretest”).  It is BS if you ask me .

Experimental questions do not count towards a student’s score. The data is used to design new tests.

Students NOT taking the optional 50 minute essay will be given a 20-minute section that the SAT has designed to use for its own purposes. That means students who are all stressed out will have to answer questions that do not count towards their scores. As if the test isn’t stressful enough, now they are giving questions to students as lab rats. The students PAID to take the test, not to take experimental questions for “pretesting.” So much for the kinder and gentler SAT!  Way to disappoint CollegeBoard.

Here’s a great article about it from the Washington Post.

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