Does it matter who I tutor with, David or Phil?

Author; 3rPrep 2020-12-10

Not really, but… No, and Yes! We both tutor all test prep subjects. David scores very high on math and Phil scores very high on reading and English. With that said…

David is the Head English & Writing Tutor. He is a Ph.D. candidate in English Literature and a writing instructor at CMU. We recommend that students save up their Grammar Questions for the ACT English (section 1) and the SAT Writing and Language (section 2) to present them to David. He does a fantastic job on ACT/SAT optional essays. If you want a 36/800 in English – get with David.

Phil is the Head Math teacher. He has a B.S. in Engineering and a M.B.A. He is a PA Certified 7-12 Math Teacher and has taught high school math for many years. If you want a top score on the hard math questions, then schedule with Phil.

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