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25 Math Problems You MUST Know for the ACT

25 Math Concepts you MUST know for the ACT!
Phil McCaffrey

ACT Math – Top 25 ACT Math Concepts.

I read, analyze, and teach ACT Math problems 4 to 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, sometimes more. Doesn’t sound like fun to anyone but a real geek like me. But I love it, and I love helping the teenagers who come to 3R Prep for help. When the SAT was changing a few years ago, I convinced David to be my partner (because he is way better at grammar than I am), and we painstakingly counted every “type” (or concept) of question on the ACT. I just looked at the list of math question types and tried to identify the ones that are on almost EVERY test.

Stay tuned. I am going to make a very short lesson with an example problem or two from every concept.

  1. Word Problems – 99% of the ACT math is word problems. More, less, fewer, higher, lower, double, half, etc.
  2. Properties of Integers. 90% + of the numbers used by the ACT are integers. Even, odd, positive, negative, consecutive, prime, factor, multiple, square, etc.
  3. 1/a + 1/b = (a + b)/ab. 1/2 + 1/3 = (2+3)/(2*3)
  4. Arithmetic = add/subtract. Geometric = multiply/divide.
  5. Part+Part=Whole.
  6. Rates & Proportions.
  7. Increase, decrease, percent of a percent, interest.
  8. Algebraic Operations & solving equations. Combine like terms – watch out for negative signs. Easy – don’t miss these.
  9. Algebraic Inequalities – graph them quickly.
  10. Absolute Value.
  11. Exponents, roots, logarithms.
  12. Linear Functions. ax+by=c & y=mx+b
  13. Coordinate Geometry in the xy-plane.
  14. Systems of Equations
  15. Evaluate f(x).
  16. Quadratics, parabolas, factor and FOIL.
  17. Lines & Angles. l is parallel to m, l||m
  18. Triangles, right, isosceles, 3-4-5
  19. Quadrilaterals, squares, rectangles, trapezoids.
  20. Circles & sectors. They love the angle of a piece of a pie chart.
  21. Multiple Geometry Figures. Big Area – Small Area is usually the answer.
  22. Two SOHCAHTOA questions, usually straightforward.
  23. Average, Mean, Median, rarely mode.
  24. Probability
  25. Counting, Factorials, Permutations, & Combinations.
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Truth about “Coach will get me in.

We see student athletes all the time. Being NCAA eligible is a must, but it is NOT a guarantee for admissions by a long shot. Coaches always want to know an athletes test score and grades. This article from USA Today is spot on.

The truth about ‘The coach will just get me in’

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Weak “College Prep” Classes. Are they really college prep?

Interesting article from the Chicago Tribune about College Prep not being real college prep.

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Test Optional Means Full Price – no scores? no merit for you!

This insignificant college, Fitchburg (who no one cared about ever), is jumping on the test-optional band wagon for admissions But I will give them credit, they come out and say that scores will be used in calculating merit aid. What that really means is if you don’t send scores, you will only get need based aid. Which is OK, I guess.

But if you want merit aid, you had better prep.