Can a student cancel his or her score if they had a really bad test experience?

Yes, sure can!

Is the PSAT important?

Not really. No college or university ever looks at the PSAT score. Though there are some colleges who will offer their own merit aid to National Merit Finalists.

But do not even think about the NMSQT – “Nation Merit Scholarship.” It is rare that a student will ever see one penny from NMSQT, it is an almost worthless competition. It is good practice for the real SAT, that is about it.

Which test do you prefer, the ACT or the SAT?

All of our juniors are preparing for the ACT. We are more familiar with the ACT format, because it has not changed and will not change in the foreseeable future.

Should a student take a real test as a “benchmark” to see where he or she scores and then start to prep?

Though it does not hurt to go into the first test with no prep, why waste a score? A benchmark can reasonably be set through a timed practice test.

Can the tests be beaten?

It is an absolute fact that students are able to improve their scores through practice, focused reflection, and individualized lessons that focus only on what they need to learn.

Do you teach test prep tricks?

We teach test content and skills. The test can be divided into sections that require “Concept Knowledge Questions” and “Skills-based Questions”

Is the ACT easier than the SAT?

For most students, yes. The ACT is a better test than the NEW SAT.

What does “Test Optional” mean? How can I learn more about it?

Some colleges will allow a student to submit just their high school transcripts along with an application. The list of colleges can be found at Fair Test.

Due to COVID-19, many colleges are “Test Optional,” so it truly does not hurt to take the SAT or ACT. A student can choose to report scores or not; they may rely on their transcript alone.

So is it best to submit scores?  Let’s have a chat about this.

What is “Super Score” and “Score Choice?” Is it wise to send every score from every test?

Super Score is when a college picks the best sections off of multiple tests. Score Choice is when the student sends in only the best scores from one test day. A student does not have to submit every score. We recommend that students take both tests and submit all of the scores from only one test, the ACT or the SAT.

Do all colleges and universities accept both tests for admissions?

Absolutely YES! Every college will accept either the ACT, the SAT, or test scores from both the ACT and the SAT.